Learning &the Brain is a leading creator of education conferences that provides professional development for educators and clinicians. Founded in 1999, to connect educators with the Science of Learning, through its educational conferences, summer institutes, one-day workshops, and on-site professional development, Learning & the Brain brings new information and teaching strategies to educators and clinicians. Top academic researchers in the learning sciences address our attendees at our conferences to discuss some of their latest findings and their applications to educational practice. Through lectures and active workshops, these conferences provide attendees with both the latest educational theories and practices.

At Learning & the Brain summer institutes, educators and clinicians spend a week in small groups learning a topic in depth from experts in the field. All these institutes involve active participation from attendees.
Our one-day workshops focus on individual topics such as math, reading, executive functions, mindsets, and more with 5-hours of instruction time. These workshops provide direct applications to the classroom or school setting.

As leaders in teacher education and development, Learning & the Brain can also bring these workshops directly to your school or district with its on-site professional development.

To find out the latest on the Science of Learning, come to one of our educational conferences or bring an on-site professional development workshop to your school or district.